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MyQtBaby Baby Hammock $160          

Thousands of tired, frustrated parents have turned to baby
hammocks to help soothe their baby's colic and to finally get
their baby to sleep through the night!

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Toddler Seat High Chair          without toddler seat            with toddler seat     
Throw away the high chair and end those meal time hassels.
This lightweight toddler seat folds easily into small sized bag shape
with carry handle so you can
easily take it wherever you go!

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Miracle Blanket Swaddle Blanket Baby Wrap $39.95


miracle blanket swaddle wrap

Sock ons Keep Baby Socks On $9.95


Sock ons keep baby socks on


ruffle butts nappy covers

ruffle butts pants covers



Safe t sleep sleep positioner

Sleep positioner
pram shade


pram shade

 New Baby Gift Idea



bamboo baby sleeping bag


Bamboo Baby Towel


new baby gift
baby sleeping bag baby towel



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Newborn babies love sleeping in a baby hammock because baby hammocks give your baby the same gentle floating, swaying feeling that they felt in their mum's tummy.

Your baby feels more comfortable, safe and secure because being in a baby hammock feels normal to him or her.

Most babies tend to settle to sleep easier in a baby hammock and because your baby is cradled in a way that feels natural, he or she will tend to sleep for a longer amount of time as they tend not to startle themselves awake like they do in a normal bassinet or cot.

Baby Hammocks can help with babies sleeping through the night.

If your baby has colic you may find that a baby hammock can help settle your baby to sleep and help overcome baby colic episodes.  Many parents have told us that their babies colic has seemed to get better and a lot of parents have said that since using a baby hammock their baby now sleeps through the night. What a relief for tired and desperate parents!

Baby hammocks mimic the movement of the womb better than anything else.

If you were a new born baby what would you like better, lying flat in what seems like a wide open space of a cot or bassinet - or floating gently, cradled in a cozy comfortable baby hammock that feels just like it did when you were in your mums tummy?

Babies find baby hammocks very soothing and sleep really well them. And many parents who have used a hammock only on their second or third baby tell us they wish they had bought a baby hammock when their first child was born, as they believe it would have made life easier.

Buy your precious baby a baby hammock now so he can be sleeping in comfort from the very first day you bring him home. Buy your  Qt Baby Hammock today and we will post it to you anywhere in Australia for free!








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